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At-Home Learning

To be eligible for this pathway, please understand the guidelines set forth by the Texas Education Agency.
Do I have to connect with my child’s teacher either by zoom or phone before school starts on August 18th?
Yes, all students must make a connection with your students' teachers before August 18th.
When can I meet my students’ teacher(s)?
All students and parents will be able to connect with teachers via zoom on Thursday, August 13. A letter will be sent out the week of August 10th.
When is the final commitment survey due and once I commit, is it finalized immediately?
Families are asked to complete the commitment form by 8:00 pm. on August 4.
If you already submitted the survey and wish to change your selection, you should contact us as soon as possible.
If the District does not receive a survey and you have not connected with your teacher prior to August the start of school, we will automatically assume that the student will attend at-home learning classes on the first day of school.
Families will have a window of opportunity to change their instructional environment at the end of the first nine weeks of school, which falls on October 16.